Seniors and clutter are not a good combination. This is something that all Seniors have to
contend with sooner or later. Whether it be time to downsize, a major life event such as a
loss of a spouse or a change in mobility, the clutter in the home can, not only be
overwhelming but also a health hazard.

Get Help Organizing A Cluttered Room

We are creatures of comfort and tend to nest. We love our stuff. We are “material” in nature.
We have emotional attachments to things that invoke a pleasant memory or feeling. Giving up
our “treasures” is often hard to do thus causing us sadness and anxiety.

A professional organizer can assist in the process by asking pertinent questions to make the
process easier. An organizer should work alongside his or her client on a one-on-one basis
to ensure that the client makes an informed decision on what to keep and what needs to go.

Carla Pickerill, RN, BSN… Owner: Organized Creative Designs

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