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Kay Keyser

Kay Keyser has been working with health aides for numerous years and recognized the need to find reliable and trustworthy health aides. Kay noticed as a marketing director for a large 55+ retirement community the need to find such help was a challenge. For example, many seniors who lived in the independent apartments needed just a little more help; such things as shopping, transportation, and companion services. Those seniors were not ready for assisted living as they were still able to bathe and get dressed on their own. So the question kept coming up: “Where do I find such help?”

From there, Kay went on to be the Information Specialist for a nonprofit organization for a number of years. The nonprofit was developed to assist seniors in supplying them with trusted resources for their needs. Once again, “Where could they find a health aide, whether it be hands-on or hands-off care?”

Acknowledging not only seniors but now as the “baby-boomers” require some help, the demand is only growing and will continue to grow in the future. Much research has been done to predict the need for health aides as it will be one of the fastest and growing needs in demand. After all, people are living longer and prefer to age at home with dignity. But it doesn’t have to be just seniors looking for help. Kay’s personal experience with her own son, who was also in need of help after undergoing 21 surgeries.

Because the Internet will not go away, many daughters and sons look often to find a health aide for their Mother or Father that may actually live in another state. Therefore, healthaides.com was created to make finding a health aide a more reliable method to search. healthaides.com will continue to grow and we hope that you will utilize the many wonderful health aides in your region.

We look forward to any comments or suggestions you may have and good luck in your search efforts!

Carla Pickerill

Hello, my name is Carla Pickerill and I am excited to be affiliated withhealthaides.com. As an RN and BSN, I became very familiar of the importance of finding a good health aide. Many of my clients did not know where to turn, so I found myself offering my advice to assist.

Today, although I still maintain my RN and BSN license, I chose another path. That path led me to become a Senior Care Consultant and Professional Organizer. Hence, I formed Organized Creative Designs… Solutions for Every Lifestyle. I understand and am compassionate when someone needs help getting organized and can often offer suggestions on how I can make their lives more manageable.

I find many of my clients, especially those who have lost their spouses are overwhelmed with what to do with all of their belongings, especially if they have had a tendency to “hoard” things for many years. I realize it’s difficult to “let go,” but once they do, they typically have more peace in their lives.

I encourage you to check back often as healthaides.com will continue to grow and will become the leader to find a health aide in your region on the Internet.